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“As a middle school reading specialist, I was voted "Teacher of the Year" in Maryland, but it was not until I completed the Sounds In Syllables course that I can now proudly state that I am a specialist in reading”.

– Jennifer Galvez, Academic Therapist

Researchers estimate that 10-15% of the U.S. population is dyslexic;
yet only five of every 100 receive some form of intervention.

Dyslexia, simply put, means trouble with written language, with reading (decoding and comprehension), spelling, and writing. Dyslexia may also mean trouble with any, or a combination of several of the following:

    •    Grasping and remembering what one hears (receptive language)
    •    Using words to say what one wants to say (expressive language)
    •    Difficulty with abstract words and ideas
    •    Difficulty with memory and recall
    •    Poor memory for basic arithmetic facts
    •    Handwriting may be poor, chiefly from poor instruction

Brain research studies have shown that dyslexic individuals use different areas of the brain to process information; therefore, they may process information less efficiently, more slowly, and use more energy to do so.

Dyslexia is not an abnormality; it is not a disease or a condition that should be 'cured'. Dyslexia is a normal variation in human development. It brings with it skills, gifts, and talents critical to our society. The schools and agencies listed here provide excellent information about identifying and treating individuals with learning disabilities.

What does ASDEC do

Our History

In 2000, Claire Nissenbaum, F/AOGP. M.A., CAT founded ASDEC to help dyslexic children and adults overcome barriers to learning. Along with the clinical psychologist Betty Levinson, with whom she had partnered since 1974, Ms. Nissenbaum developed the only training center in the Washington, DC region that offers IMSLEC accreditedIDA endorsed evidence-based structured, multisensory techniques in language skills (decoding, fluency, spelling, writing, vocabulary, and comprehension) and  math.

Our Vision & Mission

ASDEC is a regional leader for training, support, and advocacy of evidence-based multisensory teaching strategies essential for individuals who are dyslexic or have learning differences. As a nationally accredited professional development center, ASDEC trains and certifies Academic Therapists and educates teachers, tutors, parents, and school leaders in effective methods to help individuals who are dyslexic or have other learning differences. Through our efforts, we enable individuals to achieve success, to acquire increased confidence in their talents, and to realize their full potential.

ASDEC News & Updates


In collaboration with our partners at Dyslexia Media, we are excited to unveil a new system for the distribution of SIS Training Materials. To facilitate easy access to these materials, Dyslexia Media has established a user-friendly website-based ordering platform at

Additionally, we invite you to explore the, which will serve as a valuable resource for parents and other stakeholders seeking to learn more about the Sounds In Syllables program. Sounds In Syllables also has a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram

Interested in training with us? Contact Ellen at

ASDEC Academic Therapists 

Interested in Becoming an Academic Therapist?

Please contact us to learn more .

New ASDEC Training for Parents and Teachers: Early Intervention is Key to Academic Success. Click here to learn why early screening is essential.

ASDEC is pleased to present K-Reading/Numeracy, developed by Mona Iyer, AMS, CALT, CDT.  Ms. Iyer is an early childhood reading specialist with over 25 years teaching highly successful strategies for reading, writing, handwriting, and spelling.

K-Reading KickStart integrates foundational Orton-Gillingham methods with highly effective Montessori strategies for multi-sensory learning.  Participants learn how to teach all learners and to identify those with learning disabilities BEFORE they experience the shame and trauma of failure.

Next Course: Winter 2024

ASDEC - Dyslexia Therapy, Training, and Parent Advocacy

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ASDEC is accredited by the International Mulitsensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC), one of two organizations in the US to receive the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) endorsement for meeting teacher training standards in reading.

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