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Elementary Program Virginia

My son loved the program and he was looking forward to go to class everyday; even now that he finished, he made comments about how much hi miss his teacher and being at the center. As you know, we will be working with Mrs C to continue with the program this fall and so for. We are very happy that she is available and willing to work with my son.  We both love her.  She is amazing person and teacher!  Once again, thank you very much for all your support and be the number one place to be for this special education.  God bless you! - Parent of summer student

ASDEC brings our Summer Elementary Program to Virginia

July 5-July 29, 2022 from 9:30-11:30

ASDEC provides the only Orton-Gillingham Based program endorsed by the International Dyslexia Association in the Washington, DC region. The program provides intensive instruction in reading, writing, spelling, and handwriting. Physical movement is added to the visual and auditory stimuli to provide multisensory learning. The hands-on aspect of the structured routines facilitates attention and concentration. The careful development of conceptual understanding and the high level of repetition reinforce memory. All activities build on the mastery of skills, which helps students build self-esteem as they experience success each day.

Who should Attend?
Students who currently are struggling in school and require special accommodations as specified in an IEP or some other educational plan.  


Multisensory Language Training
ASDEC’s Sounds In Syllables teaches phonemic awareness, decoding, fluency, and comprehension procedures that focus attention, improve memory, and reduce anxiety.
Verbal Expression/Reading Comprehension
Through interactive activities and games, students improve language skills through sentence expansion, categorizing and sequencing activities, and deductive reasoning methods.

Application Requirements
    •    Online Application
    •    Non- refundable Application Fee
    •    A recent (within two years) psycho-educational evaluation
    •    Your child’s most recent grade report and any other recent assessments

Application Process

  1. Complete online registration form.
  2. Pay application fee
  3. Submit your child's testing to us at questions@asdec.org
  4. ASDEC will review testing and contact you regarding next steps
  5. If your child is accepted into the summer program we ask that you complete payment for the program.


$2,100 for four-week program
A 50% deposit is due upon acceptance, with the balance due by May 1st.  Please do not send any tuition payments until your student has been accepted.

Summer Program Team

Donna Brooks, CALT, Donna L. Brooks is an ALTA-certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT) and IDA certified Dyslexia Therapist and ASDEC Supervisor.  She is the founder of Moving Muscles. This program is specifically used for the ASDEC Summer Program and allows children the ability to become better coordinated, working on total body motion while addressing mid-line, hypotonia, dyspraxia challenges. Most importantly, the children have fun while doing this. Donna is also the founder of Blessings Through Dyslexia, an intervention services provider. She is also certified as a Myers-Briggs Facilitator, an Equipping Minds (EM) Mediator, a Feuerstein Method Mediator, and The Listening Program (TLP) Provider, Visual and Auditory Assessor through The Listening Program, and an Intern for the Learning Ears Program. Donna is currently enrolled in a Masters of Counseling Program at Huntington University, Huntington, Indiana. She is retired from the United States Air Force. Donna and her daughter, Grace, understand the challenges and blessings that come with having dyslexia.

In addition to our Program Director, Academic Therapists will work one-on-one and in small groups with students. Therapists meet each day with the Program Director to review the child’s progress and plan the next session. 

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