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ASDEC Professional Development

ASDEC Sounds In Syllables and Language Foundations have received accreditation by the International Dyslexia Association.  Sounds In Syllables is also included in the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) Matrix of Multisensory Structured Language Programs. This publication identifies the most effective evidence-based programs using Orton-Gillingham techniques that are critical for teaching students with dyslexia and have been proven successful.

"A teacher's time is valuable - ASDEC's training provides practical applications and activities that can be instantly applied to the classroom. An invaluable and effective approach to teacher training that positively impacts our students." Jilly Darefsky, Head of School, The Siena School, Silver Spring, Maryland
ASDEC faculty are all certified Academic Therapists who have also been trained in a wide array of specialized reading programs such as Sounds In Syllables, Alphabetic Phonics and Wilson Reading System.  Drawing upon their years of experience as therapists and trainers, our faculty develops and delivers research-based multisensory training programs to educators and parents in the Washington, DC region as well as throughout the country.

Academic Therapy Certification Program
Academic Therapists train for over two years at ASDEC to achieve national recognition as Certified Academic Language Therapists (CALT).  The exam provides a measure of an individual’s knowledge of and skills in Multisensory Structured Language Education (MSLE) and verifies that the individual has achieved the highest level of competency in the field of dyslexia education. Nine standards are evaluated on the exam:
  • Knowledge of language development
  • Knowledge of the structure of the language
  • Knowledge of dyslexia, written language disorders, and other related disorders
  • Knowledge of psycho-educational tests and informal assessments
  • Knowledge of diagnostic and prescriptive MSL strategies to improve reading, spelling, and written expression
  • Knowledge of relevant research in instructional practice
  • Knowledge of 504 and IDEA to guide professional conduct and advocacy for students
  • Knowledge of ethical standards of the profession
  • Awareness of effective professional written and oral communication with parents, colleagues, and other professionals.
    Learn more about the Academic Therapy Certification Program.


    ASDEC training courses are accredited by IMSLEC, The International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council. IMSLEC is a member of The Alliance for Accreditation and Certification, which is sponsored by The International Dyslexia Association. View the List of Courses.

    Multisensory Training Institute ASDEC Faculty bring our nationally accredited training courses and workshops to schools and community groups throughout the US. ASDEC staff cater training programs to meet the needs of teachers, administrators, learning specialists, parents and counselors offering a range of short workshops or longer training courses. Learn more about the Multisensory Training Institute.

    Sounds in Syllables (SIS)
    is a research-based language training program designed for students who struggle with decoding and spelling. It is a multisensory, systematic, diagnostic, structured approach, where the teaching plan is based on continuous assessment of the student's needs. Sounds in Syllables provides the foundation for successful reading writing, and spelling for dyslexic students and those with related learning disabilities. Learn more about Sounds In Syllables.

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