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ASDEC Reach for Success Summer Programs In Reading, Math, Writing and Study Skills For Students in Elementary- High School

“After the summer program, my son started reading books, signs and cereal boxes: all the things he struggled to understand before he attended the program.”  - Parent of a 2nd grade ASDEC summer student

My son loves ASDEC! He does not want to go to his regular school and is trying to convince them that they need to use the ASDEC approach. ( Parent of ninth grade student and summer program participant)

I wanted to tell you what an amazing experience Liz had at the ASDEC summer program. She has grown so much more confident and assured in her abilities to read and do math.  Liz told me one day after I picked her up from camp for time in her life she felt smart!  It brought so much joy to my heart the I wanted to cry.  You will never know what this experience has done for both Liz and I and no words can express my gratitude! (Parent of 5th grade student)

ASDEC serves children directly during the summer programs bringing the best components of our research-based training into the classroom. Sessions take place in Rockville and Northern Virginia. 

ASDEC provides the only Orton-Gillingham Based program endorsed by the International Dyslexia Association in the Washington, DC region. The program provides intensive instruction in reading,  writing, spelling, study skills, and handwriting and math. Physical movement along with visual and auditory stimuli to provide multisensory learning. The hands-on aspect of the structured routines facilitates attention and concentration. The careful development of conceptual understanding and the high level of repetition reinforce memory. All activities build on the mastery of skills, which helps students build self-esteem as they experience success each day.


Pre and Post test results indicate significant achievements for students. Students re-gain confidence in themselves as they experience academic success every day.

Experienced Faculty

For over 18 years, ASDEC master teachers have been delivering the most powerful Orton-Gillingham teaching methods to students during our summer program.  Our elementary students work with Academic Therapists one to one and in small groups while older students work in small groups with senior ASDEC faculty members.

In addition, ASDEC-trained Math Specialists bring years of experience to our summer programs.

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